Addiction to a particular activity, substance or person is something that is not wished upon anybody because its really a dangerous affair which may lead to death, poverty, suffering, and so many other harmful effects on the psychological and physical well being of a person.

Addiction is a psychological and physical inability to stop an activity, substance, and behavior though its causing a lot of mental and physical harm. We can also call an addiction a disease which is really hard to cure except through some physical, spiritual, and medical help.

Although there are a lot of things people are addicted to, these are the ones that destroys people the most

  1. Hard Drugs : So many youths of today are engaged in this a lot, and while some take it for recreational purposes which then stuck with them till it destroys them, others do it for reasons known to them alone. Hard drugs include opioids like heroin, hydrocodone, oxycodone (Oxycontin) and morphineBenzodiazepines are another class of hard drugs and include diazepamalprazolamclonazepam, and lorazepam. Hard stimulant drugs include methamphetamine (meth), cocaine, and nicotine.
  2. Smoking: if you check a cigarette you would see a warning that smokers are liable to die young, but this still don’t stop people from misusing it. I guess they all really want to die young. so many people are addicted to weed and so many other things just in the name of getting high always which is dangerous to the health and brain.
  3. Gambling: we all want to make some quick cash and get rich and this is where gambling comes in. It has destroyed a lot of lives and maybe even helped a lot in the process too, but getting addicted to it is the most dangerous part of it all because we have seen so many people go from grace to grass because of it.
  4. Stealing: It always starts small from our mother’s cooking pot, to pencil and erasers in school, to daddy’s and Auntie’s Money before you get stuck to it which then leads to a bigger problem which is almost hard to stop. Sometimes its spiritual too.
  5. Lying: Everybody lies once in a while because we are humans that’s a sure banker, but for some people its a hobby, there culture and ways of life which sometimes they don’t like but at the end find themselves doing it.
  6. Sex: yeah I know you are wondering why its on the list. Too much of everything is bad and the extreme love of this three letter words have ended a lot of lives and relationships. Cheating comes from sex, Adultery and fornications comes from it. so being addicted to it is dangerous.
  7. Alcohol: its not illegal to consume it, but the excessive inabilities to stop the frequent use of it is a problem which so many people are facing now a days.
  8. Romantic Love/ Love: falling in love is not bad but being addicted to the person you are in love with is a totally crazy experience which funny enough for some reason happens. So many people have died, run mad, and even fall into other mental breakdown because of heartbreak which comes from love of a person or activities.
  9. Shopping: some people may not know that they are addicted to shopping or just buying stuffs, the ones they need or do not, but they just have this spirit pushing them to spend at all cost always whenever they have or don’t even have much money on them. It is also called Oniomania, also known as Compulsive Buying Disorder (CBD) a behavioural disorder characterised by an obsession with spending money and an insatiable urge to buy things, typically resulting in adverse consequences.
  10. Smartphones/Social Media: This is an addiction that almost all the world population is involved in. It has killed and ruined a lot of lives because its really hard to stay without the two in this modern day generation.
  11. Pornography: Porn addiction is, in theory, when you can’t stop looking at porn, even if you want to. And the obsession gets to the point that it interferes with work, relationships, and other parts of daily life. It’s easy to understand how this could be a problem with the widespread availability of internet porn today. In 2019, for example, the popular site PornHub recorded 42 billion visits — that’s 115 million a day.
  12. Video Games: This just steals your time and later makes you feel useless

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