Schools are resuming on the 18th of January after all the Covid- 19 wahala, and these are the types of students you should be expecting in class

  1. The happy ones

These are students that are tired of staying at home. The ones whose parents didn’t let them go out much during the lockdown, the spoilt ones that want more craziness and fun, the ones tired of online classes, the party riders, the I have missed my friends, and freedom ones, the ones looking to get more girls and their V, and the 2k and boys dependent girls whose business would reopen. You would meet them all.

2. The “Kashamadupe” Type

These ones would mostly be the final year students who should have graduated if not for Covid or ASUU madness. They are the grateful ones who just can’t wait to get out from school and ASUU wahala. They are also the spiritual ones who are just grateful for everything.

3. The Sad “Why Nah” Type

These ones are just like who send the Federal Government and ASUU message now. They are the lazy type who are comfortable staying at home, the ones who hate school a lot and would rather not see the schools resume. The ones wey the news just tire.

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