They all come in different types of shape, height, size, age, race, and style but one thing they all have in common is that they are all certified bad girls. The girls that ain’t scared to live their lives or be happy no matter the consequences of their actions. You may call them the cheerful givers, molly queens, party animals, gold- diggers, fashionistas, and so on but a world without them would be like an Ice cone without an Ice cream.

We definitely know what the world would be like without these girls, I swear it would be the most boring show ever, with those people above also bored ASF !!! We all love them and sometimes wish we have their heart, and mind. Sometimes they may not be the smartest, but one thing for sure is that they don’t live by the rules, nor are scared of judgement because they are all proud of what they are, or what they do without giving a damn.

We love them for their vibes and energy, because they are what most girls want to be, the types of girls your boyfriend and dad wants but can’t handle. Its always fun around them because a lot of crazy things would definitely happen that will give you joy but also destroy you in the same process.

In the words of Julia Michaels, all the good girls go to heaven but the bad girls would most certainly bring heaven to you. There is no shame in being anything you want to be, good or bad but don’t judge and always try to play your part in the world in the best way you can, and at the end of the day we would all meet our reward somewhere.

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