Following the current round of football in both the Champions league and Europa League or any other league in general in the top leagues in Europe, its definitely important to note that the attacking teams are definitely swallowing the defensive minded teams in this modern day football.

Gone are the days where teams would defend for 90 mins and then score goals on counter attacks and then win leagues and cup competition just like Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Porto teams. We would all go on about how football is unfair as the better side always find a way to be on the losing side with a clear example being Chelsea defeating Bayern Munich in the 2012 champions League final. This tactics worked back then because of the types of players then who buy into their managers idea and play their hearts out for him, and we can still see the same passion in Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid team, but its becoming tough now a days with so many technology and progressive managers out there who now have new ways and tactics to break down a defensive team no matter how hard they defend. The tactics also worked because of those rugged and intelligent players who don’t exist that much again, for example Mourinho is suffering because of that right now at Tottenham because defending is a team job and if their are absolutely poor players on the pitch, and players who wouldn’t track back for the team the tactics would suffer. Unless the attacking team have an off day or the defensive team defended well and with luck on their side that’s the only time a defensive formation works nowadays to get a win or draw.

Managers like Mourinho and Simeone are struggling and would continue to struggle the more if they don’t add more spice and tweaks to their style of coaching as Antonio Conte has done with his Inter Milan side who are playing beautiful football while also keeping the Conte style intact.

Unless you are managing a small team, no one would defend any manager using a defensive tactics in a big team if its not working or getting the right results based on their ambition and goal. That’s why managers like Rafael Benitez, David Moyes, Claudio Raneiri, Masimiliano Allegri and co are either out of work, coaching a small team or are in China doing their job because no one wants to see these tactics anymore.

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