As humans we all indulge and want to get ourselves involve in the feeling of escapism, that feeling of wanting to escape from the current realities of life with some sought of recreation and entertainment in order to get away from a particular weird and sad feeling even if its just for a moment or lifetime.

Escapism is just like the series Westworld where people go into another reality or world just to feel something different and new in order to find their true self or escape their current problematic situations or life.

Have you ever felt trapped, enclosed, and left with the feeling of depression because you just feel left out from what is going on around you, alone, useless, tired, bored, scared, frustrated and all sought of negative feelings surrounding your life? We have all been there at one point in our lives where that job, relationship, place, person, dream, and so on is not just working anymore or giving us that true happiness we want that all we just do is fall into that escapism mode.

This mode can be a positive one at times like joining a new positive social gathering, making new friends, improving oneself, talent, dreams or going to new places just to run away from our enclosed feelings. Anyways let’s be honest with ourselves, most of us don’t get drawn into all these positive aspect when we need to escape from our problems, but all we just do is fall in love with things that gives us temporary satisfaction that in turn becomes addictions that then cause more harm to us than good, like excess smoking of weed, drugs, drinking, unhealthy relationships, rebelliousness, or any other dangerous things that makes us happy and come alive for a while which switches off our mind from the pain or thoughts just for a while, which we then get stuck on because we would just keep on going back for a re-fill to feel alive everyday.

Escapism is good, but getting stuck in that reality is the dangerous aspect, because instead of trying to face or find solutions to our problems we just keep on running away from it.

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