I have been wanting to tell the world how I feel about Hollywood movies for a long time now, and I think after Korean movies (Asian movies) opened my eyes, I can now say “Hollywood movies are overhyped.”

We have been put under this impression for a longtime that the Europeans and North Americans are better than the rest of the world in every aspect including their Movie industry, LOL !!! but funny enough they are better than the rest of the world.

They have the best actors, directors, writers, producers, stories, Money, Blockbuster Movies, Technologies, Marketing strategies, and so much more to be number one in the world, and over the years they have written and made some magical movies which they still do till this present day. I don’t have any problem with all the glamour and blockbusters they make, but my problem is that they are all running out of stories to tell. They just keep giving us the same story lines but with different actors, Titles, and ways. For example Nobody and John Wick are definitely the same movie but with different actors. Maybe I am insinuating it or something or because I have seen a lot of their movies that’s why I feel their stories are so predictable.

Korean movies especially East Asian movies have also been around for a longtime, and for that longtime, I have been a strong critic of their works because I don’t get how a woman would just get pregnant after hugging a man, ” omo , those are Jumong days.” There have been a lot of Amazing Korean movies, but all my experience changed after I saw Parasite, which also won that overhyped American Award for best picture. That’s definitely a new story told in a different way that nobody have seen before. Truth be told, if the Americans didn’t pay attention to that movie because of this lockdown and pandemic nobody would be paying much attention to the Asian film industry, that’s why the world still needs their love and attention because they are like the GODFATHER of all movie industries.

Korean Movies gives you stories that makes you feel so much connected to the characters on display, it gives you your own story, and also the story you want. In terms of love and catching feelings, I feel they are above Telemundo now in that aspect, and most Nigerian girls will tell you I am not lying. When it comes to Family, they are also up there too, watch movies like Minari or Little Big Women you would understand what I am talking about. They also have some amazing comedy movies too that would give you a good laugh, and then emotional movies that would make you cry. In the aspect of Action, we all know that ” Ishan lo kpa Bruce Lee” so no long talks and cap, they have always been number one with Jackie Chan and Jet Li. What I’M saying is that they have so many amazing movies with great directing and so much cultural values, which sometimes is their problem too because they are not on the realism school of thought, and they do a lot of impressionism. They won’t kiss that much, won’t go naked, or have an amazing sex on the scene but they would still make you feel at home and understand the message, so if you are looking for Porn, don’t go to Korean movies.

American movies are still number one, but don’t get me wrong, but the one and only movie industry that can challenge them are the East Asian movie Industry, which is growing at a fast pace that’s why Hollywood who knows this, is trying to integrate them as fast as possible before they take over the world.

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