We are tired of seeing stupidity on the internet. Oh yeah, well it’s definitely a known fact that we can’t erase it, maybe we can delete it, but one thing is for sure, it never really go away and it would one day come back to haunt the poster.

We know that the internet is where you share your thoughts and who you are to the world just for people to relate or for fame, or to get paid, or to let people know your side of the story or the world. If it’s something positive then we are happy to join in, but if its something stupid, like outrageous things you shouldn’t do like sharing your nudes, posting some weird pictures, or videos, or saying dumb stuffs that would incite pain, violence, or bring about shame to yourself and family, please try to keep it to yourself because its not worth it. It might look good in the present but the future would bite back so hard that you might not be able to withstand the heat.

We have seen some people tweet some sensitive things that later cause them their jobs, life opportunities, and even their lives. So many public personalities are guilty of this which always come back to destroy their credibility and careers.

Recently some past tweets by a Nigerian fast rising musician, Buju surfaced online where he was trolling and criticizing other big name musicians in the industry in 2015-16. Although they were deleted tweets but it did somehow find a way to come back alive, because the internet never forgets and it has led to a lot of backlash on the artist which could affect his music career. Everybody is guilty of this, trying to bring down other people’s, work, life, or even race. Keep your sensitive opinion to yourself and try to change, and work on yourself and craft to be a better person.

Dear people, please think before you post, think before you talk, think before you do anything on the Internet especially anything stupid and dumb. It may feel good in your eyes now, but it would later come back to destroy you very hard.

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