There is a huge weight on one’s shoulder just being a youth in this country already, but it’s much more worst when you are a school graduate, and I mean higher level school graduate with your certificate in hands, because people think after graduating you should have a good paying job, an Apartment, cars, and above all, a good life, but what they don’t realise is that we are just as fucked up as everything else in the country.

There are things school won’t teach you, and that is life after school itself. School is all about the books, theories, and practical, about the job or field you want to venture in life, but the most important book of navigating the life is always left out for you to figure out on your own. If assuming we are in a country where the system is working perfectly, I bet it would have been much more easier because Jobs are out there waiting for you, and the economy is built in a way where you can survive perfectly if you have the spirit and heart.

Side view of a young male college student writing in the library

Over here in Naija, its freaking different. There are definitely not a lot of jobs waiting for you after graduation, family and friends are looking up to you for something or to start taking care of them, especially the family who deserves it for their total investment in you. The society which is putting a lot of pressure on you to succeed is also looking and staring at you in the face to see if you will succeed or fail, and then there is that pressure on ourselves to succeed but at the end, we always end up getting lost in all the noises in our heads.

Our heads are filled with a lot of ideas that we can’t carry out, submitted a lot of job applications that didn’t work out, some have gone for interviews and get killed in the process, we are eager to be something in the society but don’t have the right chance, we are surviving each day as it comes without money or anything, we are young but already looking old. I don’t want to ear anyone say we are lazy because we are working really hard and getting little or nothing in return.

I don’t know how it is for the rich kids, or the ones with the right connections here and there, or the ones with the right trust fund and resources in there accounts, but I am talking about us who are in God’s hand who knew how we survived in school, whose family hope rest on our shoulders because almost all the resources at home was invested in us to later carry the weight of the family on our shoulders. We who are now still hustling, working lesser paying jobs with our Bsc, HND, or OND earning from 1000 to 30,000 naira max, or we who are still jobless not knowing what to do with our lives but always hiding our pain behind our fake smile, and now thinking if SCHOOL IS REALLY A SCAM.

Yes, most of us are thinking the same thing right now if its really a scam, because we are the ones now begging for updates on the streets trying to cash out like every young persons out there. The only advise I will give to those young ones out there, the ones trying to rush into school, and especially to those who wrote Jamb and failed and are now thinking they have failed in life, listen and open yours eyes and ears attentively, only school is not doing it anymore, go out there and get a skill, an entrepreneurship skills , just learn anything because that is what most of us that went to school are now doing. Unlock your creative mind, invest in your talent, be your own boss, and do whatever the fuck you want to do, because the pressure and tension is real. and to all the LOST BOYS out there, it might be difficult now, but I promise you, it will get BETTER because Rome was not built in a day.

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