Its definitely miraculous to see what these men are doing at this age and stage of their career. At over 30yrs we still can’t find any player as close to their talent and brilliance, so instead of trying to be divided on who is the best, is just safe to watch and appreciate this greatness while it last.

They might have failed in the Champions League this season, but Messi keeps on dominating Laliga once more scoring and providing assists for fun as he is on his way to another pichichi while breaking the record of scoring over 20 goals in thirteenth straight laliga seasons, while Ronaldo is single handedly burying others in Serie A while also leading the goal scoring chart in Italy and surpassing Pele’s goals with his 770 career goals and counting . The consistency of both players have never been seen and since they got to the top, they have stayed there over different decades. If you compare their longevity to other players who have played the game you would know that theirs is on another level and as it stands, they would keep on dominating other players individually with their tremendous stats.

They are gods amongst men and the difference is clear.

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