Its been a long time coming without improvement in a land blessed with so many natural resources, but marred with a lot of human disasters. Living in Nigeria is like living on a time bomb waiting to explode because if you are not strong enough it will steal your dreams and take away your life if care is not taken.

This is the country our government have created for the people they govern, an unsafe land where constant bloodshed is like rainfall washing the land off every growth and development. A place where they can in broad day light send soldiers to kill its youth who are meant to be the leaders of tomorrow for fighting and protesting for their right, or come to think of it, maybe they don’t want tomorrow to come because they are selfishly satisfied sitting on the throne without any oppositions.

Our system of Government entails government for the people, of the people and by the people, but clearly its not the case because it is the government by some set of old men who have been ruling for as much as we can remember who fought for the Independence of the country for their own selfish gain, and up until now they are still fighting its own people for their own gain.

The government that is happy to oppress its citizen, happy to suppress them in poverty by blocking every means of them making money for themselves e.g (BAN OF BITCOIN], happy to rehabilitate terrorists back into the society, finding it hard to stop the insecurity in the country, corrupt enough to fight corruption.

We are free slaves that have the right to talk, but can’t talk too much, we can act according to the constitution of the country, but what would happen later even the constitution won’t be powerful enough to save our soul.

Th Nigerian Pledge should always be respected, and both the government and the people should always strive hard to serve the country with all their strength, to defend her unity and uphold her honour and glory.

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