After years of hard-work and different Messiahs with different sounds, styles, and genres to bring home a Grammy award for themselves and the country’s music industry, Nigeria and Nigerians finally won two Grammys at the 63rd edition of the award ceremony on the 14th of March, 2021, yeah just remember that date because it would go down in the history books for the two artists involved, BurnaBoy and Wizkid.

Maybe Wizkid was our closest chance of getting the award back in 2016 after a breathtaking year in which he featured on Drake’s One dance song which was a global hit, but for some reasons the song itself didn’t get any recognition from Grammy which was odd, but nobody for once would have ever considered or paint BurnaBoy in the picture to get the job done when we have Davido and had people like 2baba and Dbanj back then, but nonetheless he has done it now in a big way by shutting down his critics from back then when he was cancelled out for different reasons.

We all know that both of these artists have been robbed one way or another in the past, Wizkid for One Dance and BurnaBoy for his African Giant Album which was overlooked last year with the award going to another great Angelique Kidjo who knew and had to dedicate her win to Burna. However, one thing we should learn from all of these is to never give up, continue to push even harder and you will get what you want as we all know the naija spirit in us ” we no dey give up“.

Wizkid got his award through Beyonce for the best Video award for Brown skin Girl, while Burnaboy came back strong and smart by winning the Best Global Music Album with his Diddy produced “Twice as Tall” album. They both definitely have the right to be loud about it, and celebrate it like crazy and even poke fun at some people especially their haters, rivals, and foes but at the end it wouldn’t make sense because their is nothing to prove to anyone right now other than to allow their success to speak because they are more than Legends right now, they are mini gods in the Nigerian music industry.

They are not the first Nigerian to win a Grammy because Sikiru Adepoju already broke that record, but in this contemporary times when Afrobeat is already out there, they have definitely done extraordinarily well for themselves and for our music industry as a whole and with this already inspired others to put in more work and they can also achieve it too. In a world where Nigerians are only known for dubious things at least this and the Okonjo Iweala’s win would change people’s perception about us. The win is for Nigeria and for Nigerians and we should all put our differences behind and celebrate greatness.

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