Musicians put in their all to make amazing songs for the people, and then pray it becomes big and major all over the place in order to move their career to the next level. So many artistes pray for this big break through a particular song, and while some get it and go on to become big and relevant, others just get it and then go back to sleep. These are our top picks of musicians with one hit song, who we thought would go on to become major, but to our disappointment and theirs too, their music career never picked up from there. However, luckily for them they could still pick up from where they left, if singing is really their thing.


Ayo Jay came out into the Nigerian music industry with a bang, promise, amazing voice, and fine face with his one and only biggest song in the industry to date “YOUR NUMBER“. The 2016 hit song was so big that he got the whole world singing. He even got a foreign record label to sign for it, to show you how big the song was, but after that he went quiet. We hope he gets back on his feet.


Jilex Anderson came with something fresh, and a sound not heard of that much in the Nigerian music industry with his big break amazing 2016 “AFRO LOVER” song, but since then we have not heard anything from him.


I am not sure there was a bigger song in 2012 than “GAGA CRAZY“. Chuddy K dropped something crazy and big as that which turned Nigeria upside down, but disappointingly after doing that he went cold. Although to the credit of the Headies next rated nominated artist, he dropped some other projects but it never worked out, so he left music to take care of his children.

GENERAL PYPE in some few words, General Pype dropped “CHAMPION” and went AWOL. Sometimes I feel he should be arrested for bringing back that amazing raggae sound and amazing voice to then run out on us like that. Luckily for him we have forgiven him for that because Patoraking is doing the job perfectly now.


Yeah, you are surprised just the way I am surprised too, but in truth “IN MY MASERATI” might be a hit song of 2020 but it is definitely taking long for him to drop another banger or song to push on his career, and as it stands now he is definitely looking like a one hit wonder.


Another unique sound in the music industry with a lot of talent. Terry Apala would make you scream “WTF” if you are new to his sound and that’s just how good he is with his amazing FUJI Trap sound, yeah you heard me right, FUJI TRAP sound. However, since dropping his biggest tune to date in 2016 “CHAMPAGNE SHOWER” non of his other tracks have gone on to that level or eve beat it, but credit to the young man, he is still working hard and fine.


We should not over stress this much, Di’Ja gave Nigerians a big tune in “AWWW” in 2014, and I can remember how I was in love with it, singing it non stop. However, after that, she didn’t drop anything close to that level anymore. We are happy the Mavins singer is happily married and is doing successfully well in her marriage.


When Funbi dropped one of the biggest song in 2017 “HALLELUJAH”, we were all like, yes this is it, it is his time and he deserved it. Talented with an amazing voice and has been under the scene for long, we were all rooting for him, but unluckily for him, he has gone under the radar since then. Just listen to Ladipoe “ADORE HER” song and you will know how talented this guy is.

Other notable one hit wonders include: BIGIANO “SHAYO“, KAS “FIMILE“, KLEVER JAY “KONI KONI LOVE“, W4 ” WA GBA CONTROL”, KELLY HANDSOME “MAGA DON PAY“, NIYOLA “TOH BAD“. There are so many of them out there, and please tell us yours below too.

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