Oniomania also known as Compulsive Buying Disorder or Overspending (CBD) is an uncontrollable desire to buy things or the disorder that occurs when a person constantly shops on impulse to avoid negative emotions, although this most often ends up having a negative impact on one’s finances or relationships.

This is an addiction that is not talked about a lot but affects a lot of people on a daily basis. Some persons don’t even know or realize that they are addicted to it. The buying may not be unnecessary sometimes, because once in a while we all need to get stuffs, new stuffs just to look good, feel good, post on social media, to “pepper dem gang” things or even eat better, but when its becoming a habit that you cannot do without to the extent it affects your finances or life in a negative way then its a big problem.

In an article published by Dr. Elizabeth Hartney on Verywell Mind, compulsive shoppers are described as people who “use shopping as a way of escaping negative feelings, such as depression, anxiety, boredom, and anger, as well as self-critical thoughts.” Unfortunately, she added, “the escape is short-lived.”

Oniomania is so bad to the extent that it’s like other addictions like using of drugs, alcoholism, or gambling whereby the person just feels uncomfortable if they don’t spend or buy a lot of things for a day, which after doing it makes them feels worse than they were before. Persons addicted to spending just want to spend, spend, spend, spend until they have little or nothing to spend again.

Research shows that females are mostly the ones with this addiction because for whatever reasons they just want to spend, but this does not mean men don’t spend excessively too. Online shopping has even made it worse and easy for people to get things now. People tend to spend a lot of time online looking for things to buy which steals away their time, sometimes they do buy and other times they don’t, they also have the easy access to just order and order and order for things both the ones they need and don’t until their bank account cries for help.

You know you are a compulsive buyer if you spend a lot of time shopping and buying things, If you cannot go a day without spending, if you think about shopping all the time, if you feel uncomfortable if you do not spend, if you run up a lot of debts from spending too much and buying things way more than your budget or earnings, if you are running out of room to store all your purchases and lastly if you end up being depressed and sad for spending way too much.

Thankfully, there are ways to stop or reduce this addiction, but the sad part of it is that we all know how hard addictions are to defeat except through great determination, prayers, and a lot of psychological help. To defeat this addiction you just have to plan your spending and stick to it with all your might, then you have to put your money into a savings account that would be hard to access, reduce your shopping online or remove all your credit card information online just to be safe, seek psychological help from a psychiatrics because its a serious problem, and finally, also see a pastor or visit any church for a lot of prayer and fasting so that the spirit can be chased away from your body if you don’t want to end up poor and wretched.

It’s not a crime to spend, especially on things you need, but the truth about it is that spend wisely and according to your budget.


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