The modern day relationship is scary, and if you mistakenly sail the wrong ship, you would sink and drown the way Jack foolishly died for Rose in the Titanic because that’s the perfect example of the relationship we have today.

Maybe we still have the type of relationship our parents had back then, that sweet story love you only read in novels or those ones you see in the Disney movies, where you would be told of how Dad had nothing, but Mom still stayed with him, sleeping on a mat in a one room apartment building the family from the scratch to something. That’s what true love is all about, and that’s the type of love we are still searching for and still hope is out there.

We have to accept that it’s a changing world, a different times to that of our parents and our fore fathers before us. They had no technologies putting pressure on everyone, they had no connections with the outside world, maybe except there ancestors spiritually. We are in the “Pepper Dem Gang” age where everybody wants to level up, look clean, rock the latest things and also stay hot with no real love to give, but hide under the umbrella of love to suck out the life of a man that has the love to give. Yeah, because is only love, those blind ones, that would make a man put a girlfriend on a weekly and monthly allowance for being in a relationship with him, while also paying her rent and also feeding her entire family all in the name of not wanting to lose her or her golden Vagina. Yeah she must have one to actually make a grown up man go stupid.

You would hear those girls say ” we are dating so you own me, and you have to take care of all my needs and my responsibilities” like what?? who was taking care of your needs before we met??. Every man must and needs to take care of his woman but the girl must not be a liability too, always hoping the man would do everything for her to the extent of buying her pure water just because they are dating. Relationship is not a job, I repeat, relationship is not a job, and please go and get a real job to also cater for your needs too.

To every man out there, chase the right woman, the type that wants to build an empire with you like Cookie Lyon, and not those ones wearing ‘olosho’ clothes around without future ambitions. please, don’t also destroy it for whatsoever reason because we can also have our own issues too. After seeing the right woman and building our future together, we would later be looking for Cardi B to spend the money with, that’s why most women have given up on love and are doing sex over love for fun and money like Blaqbonez because not everybody is giving out the right type of love nowadays.

In the end just use your head wisely so that they won’t help you to use it.

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