Sex has destroyed a lot of homes, ended a lot of marriages, led to a lot of dysfunctional polygamous marriages, breaded a lot of cheating, killings, wars, acid fights, boxing fights, foolish fights, ruined lives, brought out a lot of paedophilic behaviours from people, and even spiritual problems. And if checked closely with a microscopic view, all the problems surrounds everyman’s third leg which is the PENIS.

The penis has destroyed and disgraced both the big and small men in every society, and put a lot of people in big trouble because of their inability to control it. A lot of men walk around with their penis has their brain and their real brain dropped in a Trash Bin. The penis is a powerful tool that if not controlled properly would put you in shame, because its only the penis that would allow a great man like King David in the Bible to kill another man because of his wife, it was this same penis that made God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and it is still the same penis that is making a lot of men cheat on their wives, and even wives cheat on their husband, It is this same penis that is allowing old men touch little children old enough to be their junior sister or daughters, and it is still this penis that is bringing down some spiritually filled men of God, and Teachers or lecturers.

It is the penis that is making a lot of psychopaths and sociopaths go around raping and killing people, it is the penis that have made a lot of rich people go broke, gave some people incurable disease, gave so many people some difficult spiritual problem, led to a lot of lies, and made a lot of people cry.

Almost every woman knows that the weakness of every man is the penis because if it was not, why would Adam just eat the forbidden fruit easily like that because he was being controlled by his brain the Penis.

No matter how big or small it is, The penis is the Devil behind so many world problem which every man have to look for ways to control and keep in check.

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