It can be clearly stated that the Nigerian Police Force NPF is a fraud, filled with out of shape looking hungry individuals with their pot bellies and old looking face chasing after well meaning citizens to extort instead of protecting them.

We all thought that the aftermath of the #EndSARS protest where the Nigerian youths rose up to fight against these illegal crimes of our security men whilst also fighting with the Government for them to be improved would have led to a slight change in their attitude, but they just continue to get worse. Its no surprise because even the protest itself didn’t yield much change but led to more oppression on the people by the government.

Police are always looking for criminals and thieves to arrest, but who would arrest the police for their brutal crimes against peaceful and innocent Nigerians that have at one point been killed, extorted, brutalized, and wronged for no just reasons. It is sad that in the same Nigeria, someone was yesterday arrested at Ikeja and extorted N150, 000 for having a legal substance of Viagra on him which the police said was Illegal in the country, and we all know how these men act, when you get into their spoilt, ugly looking van and taken away you may not see the broad day light again and then get charged for more than what you bargained for all in the name of trying to claim right with these dark hearted men.

We are so not safe in our own country where we are scared to dress well or even go outside, or buy a car or look successful or even peacefully take an UBER OR TAXIFY because it would surely be questioned by these men on the road.

Wow!! Police with their greedy and corrupt ways, and as it stand they won’t change as long as they keep getting bad payments from the government, not being equipped with the right and sophisticated weapon, and not having the proper orientation to improve.

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