It’s becoming really sad everyday when you turn on the Tv to watch the news to then see the sad story of another young lad with a bright future dying for nothing meaningful, dying like an animal butchered to death with a machete in the hands of another youth, who instead to be thinking of how to positively direct their energy into making themselves and the world a better place, they are negatively and foolishly killing themselves over some rivalry beef all in the name of belonging to a gang.

Two days ago, over 6 people were killed in Ikorodu because of these cult issues, and the most painful part of the News was a young man who was butchered to death in the presence of his parent and siblings. Look at such horror, and how can anyone ever escape such traumatizing experience, but in truth that’s what always end the story of almost all cultist which is sad.

Its been like this for ages, and its been preached against countless of times but no one keeps hearing and so many youths out there keep joining up all in the name of useless power, protection, popularity and useless right to oppress others because you think you got brothers who will go to hell and back for you. The painful part about this brotherhood is that it never add anything important and meaningful to anyone’s life physically, emotionally, or even financially. It’s really sad because In a new world where everybody is looking for ways to make something good of themselves out of a country that don’t care, young bloods are joining cults that won’t help them in anyway but destroy them.

Cultism in Nigeria is getting worse by the day, and its destroying and killing the dreams of so many young people out there, and its also taking the lives of so many innocent people, and many properties and investments are also being destroyed during clashes for territories or revenge because their main school of thought which is an eye for an eye which at the end makes them all blind. The great Wole Soyinka and Co. who started the movement back in 1952 did it to liberate and fight for the right of students in schools and people from the government, but the ones around today in schools and on the streets are using it to abuse the rights of people by killing, raping, and destroying the hopes and future of every citizens in the country, and are also political tools and weapons for the government to cause more political havoc.

Save your life and say no to CULTISM because it would only lead you to poverty, hard drugs, crimes, restlessness, psychological and emotional problems, and untimely death.

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