We have all been sexually objectified at one point or the other in our lives which sometimes might be in a positive way that would boost our confidence and sexual pride while other times might be in a negative or demeaning manner that could totally destroy us as a person.

According to Wikipedia sexual objectification is a way of treating a person solely as a object of sexual desire. If you look into this definition you may see it in a negative or positive way because we all want to be sexually desired, but most times not overly sexually desired where the other aspects of our lives like our personalities and traits are neglected over our physical attributes alone.

When it comes to the society women are totally allowed to sexually objectify men in the way they act, talk, and comment especially on the physical attributes of men but when a man does the same its seen as a total lack of respect for the female gender. The double standard is so much that women themselves are allowed to objectify other women but its never seen as a crime unlike a man making the same comment about the same subject matter. For example, Cardi B has an amazing physical qualities that almost everyone or anyone would die for, and if she then post a semi nude to be self objectified by people, and If comments starts flowing in from both the male and female gender saying the same thing about her body, the man would be crucified and the woman would be left alone.

Over the years the Media has played an important role in the sexual objectification of both genders where in most adverts women or men looking overly sexually attractive especially in their dressings, how their bodies are exposed or the roles they play are used to sell different products. However what you see most times are the female genders crying wolf that they are the only ones being used in a negative way to sell products or a particular image to the public which they claim then leads to different crimes on them. To be honest the media is no saint when it comes to this genuine accusations from the female genders but men also pass through these stuffs on a daily basis too, but are scared to speak out because of the tough role the society has given them to play.

There is also what we call self objectification whereby a person is intentionally doing things in order to be sexually objectified. We see this on a daily bases on every social media platforms in which almost everybody especially the millennials are literarily walking naked in this modern world in order to gain attentions and likes, and when they get objectified in a wrong way they become defensive and all that, its not an excuse but you called the problem on yourself. You also see people dressing half naked to the market or other public places and when they are harassed they start calling people out for that, when in the first place you brought it on yourself especially when you know your culture, the type of environment you are in, and the way they act.

Lastly, there is also another double standard behavior whereby public figures can’t make sexually objectifying comments which every average person on the street is making because they are public figures. I am not saying they shouldn’t be called out if they are wrong, but don’t get all judgmental on them when we all have also committed the same sin.

Sexual Objectification works both ways so the ladies should stop acting like they are the only ones being victimized by its negative effects.

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