To cut all the long story short in order to keep it simple. The fight against corruption in my country is all a Scam, nobody is actually fighting anything, its just a case of oppressing the people, and those who stands against the government.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) which is the body whose job is to fight corruption in the country is owned by the government which just makes them a tool in their hands, like every other agencies it presides over. A tool to oppress anybody that works against its agenda or a friend turned foe. A tool that is controlled by the political party in power to oppress other political parties in the country. Well, you can’t blame them because you can never bit the hands that feeds you.

When the body that fights corruption in the country is corrupt who then are we kidding? We are all corrupt, both the govt and the people in it. It is only the person that is caught that we would call a thief. You see corruption everywhere, from the high places to both the lower ends of the country, she is walking freely with no one to stop her.

So its just a battle that would be difficult to win except the country itself gets better. Young boys won’t be scamming if the system is work, young girls won’t be selling their bodies if the system favors them, nobody would be stealing, or police would be receiving bribes if they get enough, in return for their hardwork. The system just have to and needs to work for the people, and not only the government, because definitely they are not on the streets feeling the pains of an average Nigerian waking up and hustling ad bursting it day and night with nothing in return.

To be a Nigerian is a struggle already and to survive everyone does what they think its best for them no matter what it takes. The spirit of togetherness is gone ad all you see is just different individuals working for his/her own mouth no matter who gets hurt or survive, its a real jungle out there with only the strongest surviving in the end, and that’s why corruption won’t go away and no one seems to care.

EFCC arrested a popular Nigerian Comedian Pankeeroy for fraud, and we are definitely happy they are working, but at the end of the day, if he has their money he would be out in no time because everything and everyone has a price tag. We see this same news every now and then of this organisation arresting the young hustlers on the street, but we never see them arrest the big fishes who are destroying the country, yes, the politicians and various govt officials. The ones we hear are the ones big brother wants to oppress or don’t want around anymore.

What happened to the NDDC billions of naira fraud case where the acting MD slumped during senate questioning? What about the various politicians stealing Govt funds for themselves? What about patriotism and making Nigeria great once again. Its a huge battle but right now the fight is just a scam.

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