There are different reasons why people bite on their fingernails. Some people do it because they are anxious, some others do it because they are afraid, but some do it for fun, which is a very bad bad habit.

Our Fingernails  are one of the first  places  people  look  when we shake or give our  hands, but there  is also the issue  whereby  some individuals  have created the bad habit  of biting their  fingernails for various reasons. It should  however be noted  that this is a bad habit which would cause various  health  problems. The fingernails  may serve  as a medium through which bacteria may enter  the body.  Although the habit is a normal  activity  for some individuals, here are some things  that  can be done  to help  stop the habit. 

Always  have snacks

Always having a  snack available  with yourself  would  help  a lot. This would  serve as an alternative  for biting  the fingernails. snacks  such  as;  cookies,  sweets and gum would  help so whenever the urge to bite the fingernails  pops up, just  eat any snacks available.

Always  cut the fingernails 

One of the main reasons  for biting  fingernails  is because  the nails  are grown.  So in order to stop this habit there is a need to always  keep your nails  neat and nicely  cut . so there will be nothing  to bite  on when the urge  comes. 

Ask for help 

 There  is nothing  wrong  with asking your family,  relations and friends  to help you. They serve as  reminders  whenever they see you biting on your nails. 

Don’t  put your fingernails in your  mouth 

As much as there are different reasons to make individuals  bite  on their  nails. They must first put their  nails  in their mouth to bite on. So whenever  the urge to put  your fingernails  in your mouth comes,  hold your hand together,  put your hand  into your pocket  or fold them.

With these few ways  I hope that the habit of chewing  fingernails  will  stop. It should  also  be noted that practice  makes perfect.


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