This is dedicated to those times we didn’t had the confidence to walk up to the girl we liked to tell her how we felt because we were too shy to do so, so we continue to crush and crush and crush and fantasize on what would have been until it then fades way, although sometimes it never do so we keep that memory with us until this day. I hope you remember those times when you would write her name on a paper or the back of a book confessing your love for her but never had the mind to show her, or those times where you just stare at her a lot in school or at home or anywhere and you immediately look away when she looks back at you. This is to those frustrating times when you would be hoping life happens, or luck smile at you or anything happens that would make your path cross closely so you can have that chance or opportunity to express yourself, even though your path has been crossing everyday because she lives close to you, but she just always seems so far because the courage just wasn’t there. This is to those times when you then get that chance but for different reasons you just blew it to then get home to start cursing yourself for not taking it. To those times we definitely celebrate and appreciate you for making us pass through those adolescent age with enough self heartbreak we didn’t know of before anyone did.

This is also dedicated to our other crushes that we finally had the mind to tell how we feel to be rejected for one reason or another. Cheers to you because you totally either destroyed our confidence moving on in life or you made us even stronger and gave us enough motivation to get more wins.

This also goes to the beautiful ones we crushed on and had the courage to tell our feelings to, and they also felt the same way. Some of us are married now, some of us later broke up, some are still in an on and off relationship, some are engaged, some are still just friends, some are still just lost and looking for love. Cheers to all that because they are just life experience and while some things are meant to happen others are not, so don’t take anything too serious or to the heart because what is meant to be would be.

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