Its no big news that everyone right now whether legally or illegally wants to be in a relationship, YEAH !! yeah !! its not new anymore especially in this our modern world that anything and everything goes.

A romantic relationship between the same or opposite sex is not bad, but when the age bracket of the peers involved is very suspicious and criminal in nature, then there is a huge problem. We all know that we are in the catch them young fever season, the season of chasing the freshers, the naïve young bloods who wants to get expose or not, to the relationship world.

It is definitely criminal for men or women above 23yrs old to be chasing after children less than 18yrs old, yes they are still children because as known in the Nigerian or world norms, you are an adult or at the age of consent when you are 18 and above, well ok in some countries especially the less or developing ones you can even be younger than that.

Let’s look at the Nigerian scene. Its really bad to see all these big brothers and older men chasing after or dating girls old enough to be their daughter, grand children or even sisters. I am not here to preach to you but always try to put yourself in their family shoes, how would you feel when you find out or caught your 12, 13, 14, 15 or even your 16yrs old sister having sex with someone your age grade? we all pretty much know what your reaction would be. We know at this age they are really easy to deceive and little words of love could turn their heads or life upside down. We have to blame the media for that, Tv, books, internet, social media and so on for the negative impact on them who places these stuffs into their heads.

Most of these girls are not needed for anything other than sex for these wolves on the street. Instead of being a role model to them, you are trying to add more problem into the society, ask me why, because you are letting them experience more complicated stuffs way too early at a very crucial stage of their lives, like sex, emotional heartbreak, abortions and so much more which in the nearest future would come back to hunt them.

I am really disgusted because You harm them by turning them into sex maniacs, they lose focus at a very young age, which may also lead to unwanted pregnancy, which in turn have a very bad stain on their bright future.

Crying girl.

Please Agbaya !! Brothers and sisters let these kids grow at their own pace so that you won’t end up in Jail like R Kelly or Adam Johnson. while parents should also please monitor their children very well in order to save them from wolves walking around in sheep clothing.

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