We are all definitely anticipating Valentines day like our birthday, and while most people already know what to do, others are still looking for good Ideas to make that day special for their loved ones.

Some things are certain on that day, like going out to places you have been before, and also having a romantic sex for those who have been waiting for a special day to lose their virginity or those that are tired of having a rough sex, we all know sex would be involved either with your boyfriend/girlfriend or with a paid partner you find online or in the streets at night. Valentines Day is not only about sex for F sake!!

That’s so so boring, are you not tired of doing the same thing all over again? We all know those stuffs would go down but as a couple before doing all that, please try to do something new, like check your bucket list of things you have always want to do and try to achieve half even if not all of it together.

Try Breakfast in Bed, have a dirty dance party, go on double dates, get a couple massage, have a karaoke night, play video or card games, see new places, reach out to the poor of orphanage homes and spread the love because the day is not only about you but also for others, cook something new together, eat something new, Learn something new online, watch a new movie, go shopping, spend the day with a family member or friend you haven’t had time for in a while, do TikTok, do role play and so on, and don’t forget to get a condom if you know you are not ready to have a child.

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