We are humans and we all get insecure about something about ourselves at one point in our lives, whether we feel we are too fat or too skinny, or too short or to tall, or we are good or bad at something or not, and all these leads to different kinds of insecurities, physical or emotional which leads to a lower self esteem that destroys our confidence in the end.

Chloe Bailey of the Chloe x Halle opened up about her own insecurities on her Instagram Live where she said she has always felt fat and how she hated the stretch marks all over her body which then destroyed her self confidence, while also further revealing that she is learning to love herself more than ever which has now boost her self confidence.

We are humans and we are not perfect no matter how hard you want to do it, and it is always dangerous to let your insecurities get to you, it’s not easy but when you start looking at all the other positive aspect of yourself more, then you would chase away every insecurities about you.

Self love is the medicine to all your insecurities.

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