It’s a world of different people, and a world of weird people too. We all think different, and work in separate ways, and that’s what makes every one of us special, but it’s gotten to the point, yes to that point where we all start keeping almost all of our relationship problems and love matters out of the media.

We know their are people who would like to show all of us who they are dating, or who they want to marry, and update everyone on what’s going on in their love life. like the “how it started and How it’s going” ashtags that people use regularly to let the world know about their life, but we all know how it always end, #INTEARS.. Anything happy the internet sees always end up in tears most of the times and we are not even going to talk about the celebrities who brought their relationships online for it to later crash badly, oh sorry I will put in one or two, #davidoxchioma, #Timini and thatisbabe e.t.c. The examples are everywhere, that’s why we think people should have learnt a lot of lessons by now, but no, everyone keeps turning deaf eyes and ears to it and continue in the act of updating everyone they know and don’t know about their lives all because they want to show-off, prove something, to get more likes , feel seen, validated, or are genuinely happy just to share and inspire others that they can find their type of love. let’s genuinely face the fact, not everyone will be happy for you, so keep it out, and just enjoy your happiness without everyone knowing.

Then to the people who bring their marital and relationship problems online. we are asking y’all for what reasons, for people to solve it, or to paint the other parties involved bad, for sympathy or what? Most celebrities do this a lot, and it’s annoying. 2Baba and Annie Idibia story is the recent one trending, and oh my gosh , we don’t want to know. call all your family members and solve your problem, or go for some couples therapy of some sought. Keep it out of the internet because the only thing you will be getting are some divisive comments, some dumb retweets, and a lot of likes to show you we all saw the news, and nothing more.

The world is crazy and we all love it, but inside life too, let’s still act sane, because before the whole social media thing people were in a relationship, and also had a lot of marital problems but they knew how to solve it within themselves and not cry to the world, unless if you are being physically abuse, please let the world know, so that those human right people would come to your rescue, #shoutouttothem. Our own is that we can all do and act better.

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