This has been a long story down the years about the female species, and how they have been relegated to the shadow by almost every law and religion through different times and paths, which we all know about because we are all part of the history itself. However, but after much freedom fights and all, the situation has gotten much better with women now doing as much as the things men can do if not better. Sometimes, It may look like it’s all settled but in truth, the beef its still not dead because there are still some cooperate, religious, and structural oppression these women are still facing today. They are still being relegated to just sex dolls in the hands of the male gender, looked down as weak vessels who don’t have much to offer than be a puppet waiting for the puppet master to toy with, feed, cloth, and protected. All these might take some time to change but it would change because the future is bright for all female gender.

Women for long may have been in the shadows of men, but they have never been hiding, and they have most times been the success behind every society and its downfall. Adam and Eve is a perfect example, she was there with Adam in the perfection of everything that God created, and she was still the one that gave him the apple to eat which led to their downfall. That’s how powerful women are, and they are every man’s weakness, that’s also how powerful they are.

Women kill for validation, to be noticed, for the big bags, sell themselves for relevance, to oppress other women like themselves, for fun, for love, for power and control and so on which men also do. But they are always judged harshly for what their male counterparts do which they go scot free with at times. Being Human is tough but being a woman is tougher in the face of the changing world which only change can save.

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