We are all living on a ” You Only Live Once” style of life principle, which is called the Yahoo mindset {mentality} of not thinking about tomorrow but living only for today. This mindset is what will call “let’s spend all of the money we have in our hands now, another one will come tomorrow

People don’t have savings anymore, or don’t even think about it no more, and are just doing the ” come and go” way of living which is really bad. So many people have seen and dine with poverty for a long time that you would think when they have money, they would be wise about it, but the truth is that they become so foolish because to be honest, if you are not strong enough money might make you go mad and lose your sanity. It would control you if you can’t control it.

Almost everybody have a yahoo mindset, that old man, young man, old woman, young woman, that boy, girl, and even that child that we all see everyday have the mindset to just make that money and spend it now without thinking about the future, and then later enter that ” ON GOD MODE” where we would now be hoping another one comes.

No one is saying you should not buy that latest shoes, clothes, phones, cars, or you should not flex, but all we are saying is that you should do it with sense, caution, time, plans, investments and be wise about it. Don’t make some couple of millions and then go and lodge in a hotel for months or go to club and be spending lavishly to later come back to the streets after you are broke to be begging for 1000 naira sub from the people you left behind.

Be wise about your future and your life.

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